Day 4: My Journal Sunday 2 June 2019

I am grateful for:

  1. The gift of health which gives me life
  2. The blessing of life this day to consecrate another day to Gods will
  3. The magnificent outcome of my hypnosis session yesterday
  4. The knowledge that 432 hz music is healing and helps me raise my vibration/frequency.
  5. This music helping me to raise my vibration whenever I need a little extra help if I am feeling down or low energy.
  6. Birthdays. Williams (my eldest son) 23rd birthday is in 2 days and I always enjoy the memories that flood at birthday time. I confess I have no idea what to do for him or get him for his birthday. We don’t spend enough time together lately.
  7. All of the boxes that were delivered to me yesterday for my move, God bless those from church who saw my request for boxes and brought them over.
  8. All of the love from so many at church. I am still getting people telling me thank you for my testimony from 2 months ago. It’s seems they really felt the spirit. I do feel it was important that I told them that I had been living as lesbian for the last 20 years. I went up to the pulpit that day because i was vibrating so strongly I know it was the spirit. I had given up fear recently so it was fairly easy for me to go up in front of the whole church. I walked all the way up to that pulpit and poured out my heart that I was basically the prodigal daughter but that I am back to church and the covenant path. (Basically that I know it was time to live the higher law and choose the covenant path, you know like the tree of life vision: I was in the big and spacious building and finally took head to the offer from those beckoning beneath the tree to try the fruit and enjoy the love of God. It is the most desirable above all other things). I told them I knew the Book of Mormon was true and that Jesus is our savior and paraphrased a scripture from the Book of Mormon “God giveth no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way the may accomplish the thing that was commanded “.
  9. The Book of Mormon, and for all of the amazing people who made sure this record got into my hands. Prophets. Visionary’s. Spiritually gifted brothers and sisters from history. Makes sense that we should follow someone who is spiritually gifted (gift of the spirit of visions) and by their fruits ye shall know them. Follow people who emanate love, togetherness, peace. Reminds me of who ends up ruling the 7 kingdoms in the HBO show Game of Thrones (Spoiler alert) the gifted person who could see the past. Don’t be like the people in the times of Noah who persecuted the one person who loved them enough to try to save them from themselves. Change your mind (repent) and enjoy Gods love.
  10. The tools I have been blessed with the help me increase my vibration and become more one with/in tune with the spirit/my higher self/God consciousness. Meditation. Exercise. Grounding. Raw plant foods.

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Day 3: My Journal Saturday 1 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. the gift of health which gives me life
  2. being alive today to be able to consecrate another day to Gods will
  3. the opportunity to join in the global meditation today with 1 Million Mediators to give love to mother earth.  I could feel in my heart the love.
  4. the opportunity to do my first hypnosis session later today and look forward to a magnificent outcome
  5. the many people who are taking time today to meditate for the earth and the positive changes it will have on the earth
  6. mother earth and for all she does for me…abundant crops, beautiful beaches, enjoyable vacations, amazing sunsets …
  7. being able to enjoy living water that is helping my body evolve
  8. the living water for my pets and how it has blessed their health
  9. my friends bringing me tomatoes yesterday, they were delicious
  10. this amazing time of change for me to move back to my home in Utah and for the exciting possibilities the future holds

(If you would like to start this practice of writing a list of 10 things you are grateful for everyday, I would like to suggest:  after you complete your list, re-read each item and say “thank you” to God/Universe/the Great Spirit/the Source)

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Day 2: My Journal Friday 31 May 2019

Note to reader:  I started the practice of writing a list 10 things I am grateful for while reading the book The Magic earlier this year.

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of life which gives me another day to consecrate to Gods will.
  2. The gift of health which gives me life.
  3. The phone call with my friend and learning how to protect my house using rose quartz crystals (stones)
  4. The magnificent outcome of my meeting last night
  5. Helping me let go of fear and other negative emotions through knowing they are satan and his minions trying to hold me back from greatness
  6. My brothers and sisters who are waking up and sharing so much amazing information through YouTube videos, podcasts, books, etc
  7. The opportunity to join with thousands of people again tomorrow in making this planet a better place to live through mass meditation
  8. The information from Julia Cannons video about the earth shift and sharing her vision, its so exciting to realize I can choose if I want to live in the old world with its heaviness and drama, or I can let go of all of that and choose to enjoy the positivity and a world of joy.
  9. Seeing the number 1111 last night right after watching Julia’s video, and that it helped me know the synchronization and truthfulness of the shift reality.
  10. This time without a J.O.B. That is allowing me time to really focus on the important things in life: God, Jesus, and the people. Helping my brothers and sisters understand the exciting changes going on with the earth shifting and how to not be left behind.

Read my scriptures: 1 Nephi 9 & 10 from Book of Mormon made easier

  • Nephi summarizes his father Lehi’s prophecies (visions)
  • all men are in a fallen state because of the fall of Adam and Eve and will remain that way (lost) except they rely on the Redeemer (Christ).
  • John the baptist will be born before Christ and baptize the Christ
  • Christs atonement makes exaltation available to everyone through personal repentance (changing your mind) and following Christs example
  • Tribes of Israel will be scattered
  • olive branch is symbolic of peace
  • Nephi is telling us that he and his people leaving Jerusalem are part of the fulfillment of the prophecy that Israel will be scattered
  • after the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith, the remnants of the house of Israel should be grafted in (come to the knowledge of the true Messiah).
  • we must be gathered not just physically but also spiritually, in order to literally be gathered back to the presence of the Father in in Celestial glory (highest level of heaven) and exaltation (resurrection with a new immortal body)
  • Nephi explains how his father spoke all of this by the power of the Holy Ghost.  We can use this same power to ask Father if this is all true (to gain a testimony of truth).  This power is received by FAITH on the Son of God.  Nephi did exactly this, he wanted to see and hear and know what is father had seen.  
  • a testimony is available to all people through the above process, diligently seek Him
  • the plan of salvation was prepared for all men before the foundation of the world, all we have to do is change our mind (repent) and come unto HIM.
  • if you diligently seek, you will find (if you try hard you can find the truth) and gain a testimony, and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghost
  • Above we are given a recipe of how to learn truth through the Power of the Holy Ghost (the spirit)
  • One Eternal round is The plan of salvation:
    • His spirit offspring (spirit children of God) live a premortal life (life as an immortal spirit before receiving the body I am now in)
    • birth into a physical body (the body I now have)
    • resurrection (this makes us immortal again)
      • in summary:  from eternity (immortality) to mortality, than back to eternity (immortality).
  • When we pass this mortality test with an A+
    • we too can become Gods and our spirit children can experience the same eternal round
    • only resurrected and glorified (exalted) beings can become parents of spirit offspring
      • this means your soul has reached maturity in the appointed course of eternal life
  • This is such exciting information to contemplate.  It brings a perspective many of us have never considered.
    • I am a supreme intelligence who chose to come to Earth at this time to get a physical body (mortal probation)
    • to be tested to see if I could pass the tests
    • to learn lessons that will help me be a good Loving God some day
    • Am I spiritually mature?
    • what do I lack?
  • We will be judged for the things we do in this body on this earth
  • If we seek wickedness in this life, we are found unclean at judgement
    • no unclean thing can dwell with God
    • if we are unclean we are cast off (kept out of Gods presence forever)
    • we can be made clean through the atonement of Christ
  • Nephi finishes by saying:  and the Holy Ghost giveth authority that I should speak these things, and deny them not
    • I can feel the truthfulness of this information. 

Heavenly Father, thank you for this time to learn more of the and thy will for me. Thank you for helping me to feel the spirit (Holy Ghost) and the truthfulness of what I just read/studied. Please bless this message that it will be received with the love intended. I testify of the truthfulness of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Day 1: My Journal evening Thursday 30 May 2019

  • Had an appointment 7pm
  • Watched funny pet videos. Good vibes!  It was nice to watch these videos of people and their pets with good clean fun and laughter.
  • I just got through watching a video by Julia Cannon about the Earth Shift and that the shift already happened. That I need to choose if I want to live in the old drama, heavy earth or the new lighter happier earth.
  • Then right after that video I saw 11:11 on the clock. So I ended up finding this blog about what that angel number means.
    • She suggested its a synchronicity about what I was just thinking about right before  saw 11:11. I was thinking how I have been enjoying the new earth, especially since I quit my job.
  • I will give up all of my sins to know Thee.

Day 1: My journal 30 May 2019

  • During my meditations/prayers I have been prompted to write my journal here for the public, instead of in my paper journal. I take comfort in the advise to FEAR NOT. Fear is an emotion sent to me from the adversary/Satan/the dark side. Please understand I am being very vulnerable here and ask for you to prayerfully consider my words.
  • Prayed
  • Read scriptures: The Book of Mormon Made Easier, 1Nephi 8. In this section Lehi shares his dream/vision about the Tree of Life.
    • Hold to the rod, the iron rod is the word of God (the scriptures)
    • Don’t be like the people in the spacious building, they give peer pressure (negative emotions) to those feasting on the fruit of the tree of life, and temp them away from God into darkness.
    • The white (purity) fruit of the tree of life will make you happy and fill you with joy (the love of God and the joy the gospel brings to people). The tree is our Savior Jesus Christ (he is LOVE) and his plan/path to exaltation (be resurrected and gain an immortal body, and be a God).
  • When I step back from this vision and try to see it from an eternal perspective, I see how it applies to me and everyone on this Earth. First, remember that before we were born, we were and always will be a Supreme Intelligent Being of Light/Energy (your spirit body). I chose to come to Earth with the gift of Free Will (agency) and the Veil of Forgetfulness to get a body of flesh and learn lessons. My mission on this Earth is to see if I will learn the most important lesson of this mortal life. The most important lesson is: will I partake of the fruit of the tree of life (the LOVE OF GOD) and to try to get as many others to partake of it with me, which leads us to exaltation. I may not remember my pre-earth life because of the veil, but God has a plan for us to return to him after we learn the lessons we agreed to try to learn while in this body. His plan included sending Jesus to be our example. If you have a body, that means you chose Jesus plan of Free Will.
  • Satans plan was to take away our agency/free will (be in slavery), so him and his followers (1/3 of the hosts of heaven) were not allowed to get a body. Now satan and his followers (they are in the unseen/spirits) are trying to get as many souls as possible to be miserable like them. They send negative emotions to us and hang out in spacious buildings laughing at us for choosing the fruit of the tree of life. Satan and his followers do not have the veil of forgetfulness, so they use that against us. Please try to recognize that things of God bring joy, things of Satan bring misery. Change from feeling miserable by choosing things of God. Repent means change your mind. Change and choose good feelings and emotions. Chose happiness and exaltation.
  • There is still a war waging for the souls of men. We are here on earth to learn how to be a good child of God, so we will be good adult Gods and be exalted. Have you chosen a side? As for me, I chose the Lord and the light. Now is the time to choose which side you are on. Time is running out. If you are not actively engaged in partaking of the fruit of the tree of life (Gods love) and sharing it with others, then you are choosing satans side and darkness, which is captivity and spiritual death. We need to choose to follow Jesus example, to chose God and eternal life, even exaltation.


  • Had an appointment 7pm
  • Watched funny pet videos. Good vibes!  It was nice to watch these videos of people and their pets with good clean fun and laughter.
  • I just got through watching a video by Julia Cannon about the Earth Shift and that the shift already happened. That I need to choose if I want to live in the old drama, heavy earth or the new lighter happier earth.
  • Then right after that video I saw 11:11 on the clock. So I ended up finding this blog about what that angel number means.
    • She suggested its a synchronicity about what I was just thinking about right before  saw 11:11. I was thinking how I have been enjoying the new earth, especially since I quit my job.
  • I will give up all of my sins to know Thee.

Healing meditation challenge

Up for a challenge?

I would like to ask you to take this meditation challenge. Maybe you have tried everything else but if you haven’t tried sound healing from crystals bowls yet, I highly recommend a quick focused listen.

Michelle and crystal bowls for sound healing Michelle and crystal bowls for sound healing

Please dedicate 10, 20 or 30 minutes to this crystal bowl meditation video. The vibrations will help you vibrate at a frequency conducive to healing. It is also great for increasing your vibration to help you merge with your higher self/the universe/God for a listening meditation where you can tune into the answers to your questions. I would call this a form of energy healing as well.

1. Set a clear intention for your meditation.

  • What do you want to accomplish during this meditation?
    • Healing
    • Balance chakras
    • Let go of trapped negative emotions(emotional baggage)/energy healing
    • Cleansing chakras
    • Increasing your vibration/frequency
    • Get answers to prayers/questions
    • Awaken the pineal gland
    • Merge with your higher self/subconscious/universe/God

Benefits of this meditation (as taken from Michelle’s video notes):

  • Emotional balance
  • A clear mind with increased focus
  • Feel lighter in your body
  • Deeper and restful sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Harmony and flow
  • Deep relaxation when other meditation techniques fail

2. During the sound healing I would like to suggest that you embrace any negative emotions or memories that come up and learn from them and let them go.

  • Ask: what did I need to learn from this memory/experience?
    • Really try to see the experience from different perspectives. Really try to put yourself in the shoes of the other person if needed. If you are ready to let go and forgive, then release the negative emotion/memory/experience. Change the memory if you want to. Relive the experience as the new wiser you and determine if you would have done anything different knowing what you now know. Learn and let it go. If you feel like you have let it go/forgive/feel forgiven, then it is time to truly let it go and release the emotional baggage for good. Place a positive affirmation in its spot if you want, filling the spot where the negative energy was, fill it with love and/or positive energy/a positive affirmation.
    • Let the waves wash away any old emotions you are ready to let go of.

3. Store any extra positive energy in your belly where you can access it later if needed.

4. Make meditation a habit.

  • Set a goal to meditate everyday for at least 21 days
  • set aside 10+ minutes a day

I would like to thank Michelle for sharing this video with the world for free on YouTube. Please visit her website to thank her yourself if feel so inclined.

Donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Update 28 May 2019

For one of your meditations I would like to challenge you to ask if there is a God/Great Spirit/Supreme Intelligence (if you have not already done this before). If you have never asked, I challenge you to KNOW if there is a God or not. How do you know there is no God if you have not taken the opportunity to ask Him directly? Without fear, talk to the Universe/Cosmos/Supreme Creator/Great Spirit, meditate and ask “Do you love me as one of your children?” Ask “if you love me, please help me to feel of your love for me in my heart”. I promise you He will answer this prayer.