Enjoying an audio book while doing the chores

I love doing my chores, with my headphones on, while listening to an audio book.  Have you tried it?   Continue reading “Enjoying an audio book while doing the chores”


Practical Gardening

My front flower bed the first week of June 2018

These days who has time for gardening!  I don’t, but some how I managed to end up with this enjoyable garden.  The important thing is to make gardening practical.  No one expects you to spend your entire weekend gardening.  I try to spend as little time as possible working on my garden and below I tell you how I did it. Continue reading “Practical Gardening”

Time for a new book to read…Proteinaholic

I bought this book awhile back, and have been wanting to dive in, but I never seem to make enough time to sit and read, more often I will check out an audiobook from the library and listen to it while multitasking.  I like to listen and run or cook.  I also listen while driving to and from work.  An audiobook is also great while doing chores or working in the garden.  Last time I read a book it was on vacation this summer and I read Finding Ultra.  I have heard lots of good things about Proteinaholic from podcasts I listen to.  I will provide a review after I finish reading it.  If you can’t wait for my review, feel free to check it out yourself.


To meditate or not to meditate

I just finished my 15th guided meditation with the Headspace app.  It was a quick ten to fifteen minutes with a guy with a sexy accent.  I first heard about the app from a No Meat Athlete podcast.  It has been difficult for me to make meditation a daily habit, but I finally made it past two weeks in a row, so now its a habit, right?  I hope so.  Things in my life seem to be rolling along pretty smoothly over the last two weeks.  Just ask my family and I am sure they will tell you somethings different.  At the bottom I have included a promo code for a free month of Headspace, why not try it out for yourself?

Andy started the company Headspace.  He was a monk, it is an interesting story.  It is an app for guided meditation and mindfulness techniques.  From the description of the app:  Meditation made simple.  Guided meditation is suitable for all levels from Headspace.  Meditation can help improve your focus, exercise mindful awareness, relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

The app touts the following benefits of meditation:

  • Increased self-awareness and greater sense of perspective
  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Smile more
  • Enjoy better relationships with your family/partner/spouse
  • Love, eat, sleep and train better
  • Be more present and become a better listener
  • Experience peace of mind and greater mind-body connection
  • Improved focus at work or while studying
  • Research shows that regular meditation can have a physical effect on the brain, causing those areas associated with learning to grow and the parts which generate stress responses to shrink.
  • Mindfulness practice leads to increase in regional brain gray matter density.

There is a buddy system with the app so you can motivate each other to meditate.  If any of you want to try the app and be my buddy, I would love to have others to help motivate me, and I motivate you to keep up the beneficial practice.  My email address is karenkkj@yahoo.com.

Below are some screen shots of the app.

One FREE Month of Headspace promo code:  REW15-SD4A42

**I am not an affiliate nor do I have any association with Headspace

Weight Plateau Breached

On May 26th I created a post titled Burn more fat.  Today is exactly one month and I am ready to report my results so far.  I am ecstatic to report that I lost 5.2 lbs using the “slow down” method of running with MAF heart rate training.  One of the reasons I am so ecstatic is that I had hit a plateau in my weight loss until changing to this MAF training with my Polar heart rate monitor.  I started noticing a difference in my face first, a coworker asked me one day if I had lost more weight, that my face looked thinner, and I was excited to say yes and tell her my MAF experience.  Then I went on vacation for two weeks and didn’t exercise as much and didn’t eat as well as usual, and I still lost weight.  I was very active on vacation though, my sister likes to be active too, which helps.  I drove to her house in UT ( an 11 hour drive) and stayed for a couple of weeks.  During my stay we ran a few times, hiked once, camped 4 nights, and went paddle boarding 2 days.  I usually run 3 to 4 days a week.

With all of this in mind I should see better results in another month.  It is really hot here in AZ though, so my training is suffering (especially since I am not a morning person).  The coolest it has been lately is 85 degrees and that is at 6am, by 8am it is 91 degrees.  Today I started my run at 9:45am and it was 94 degrees and overcast.  I ran for an hour.  By 10:45am it was 96 degrees.

As far as eating, I have been trying to avoid processed sugar and junk food.  I have been eating more higher fat plant foods like nuts, seeds, and avocados.  After reading Finding Ultra I decided my body would be ok with the higher fat foods since it is switching to burning more fat.  Rich Roll talked about eating avocado sandwiches, and I have been enjoying a few since then.  I eat more fruits and VeggEase and less pastas, grains and beans.