Is gratitude a daily practice for you?

Since I started reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and making gratitude a habit about this time last year, my life has changed for the better. I hope you read the book and enjoy your new life.

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Did you know that you can improve your mind by improving you gut microbiome?

Do you suffer with:  low energy?  brain fog?  hunger?  over-weight?  gas?  bloating?  constipation (you should have a regular bowel movement 1 to 2 times a day)?  We seem to get used to these conditions being the norm for our everyday life, but it is not normal to feel this way.  We should feel Continue reading “GUT HEALTH 101”

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Heavy Metal Detox smoothie by Anthony William


2 bananas
1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder
1 teaspoon Hawaiian spirulina
1 tablespoon Atlantic dulse
1 cup fresh cilantro
1 orange freshly squeezed (2 oz juice)
1 cup water (personally I use 2 cups of water) (can substitute 1 cup coconut water)
2 cups frozen wild blueberries (look in the freezer section with the berries, look for “WILD”)

Combine the bananas, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, and dulse with cilantro, the juice of one orange, add the frozen fruit last (blueberries) in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Add up to 1 cup of water if a thinner consistency is desired. Serve and enjoy!

For more information at Anthony’s website click this link.

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