Day 11: My Journal Friday 14 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life
  2. The gift of life to be able to consecrate this day to God and his will
  3. Free will and the opportunity to choose how to live my life. I have been able to learn what brings me joy and to choose joy. Things that bring sorrow are viewed with an eternal perspective and desire to learn from them.
    My Utah house getting cleaned and ready for me to move into
    My sisters help sweeping yesterday
    The magnificent outcome of my moving trailer/stuff arriving before Saturday morning
    The help of letting go of scarcity and focusing on abundance
    The inspiration during my prayers and meditation
    The exciting opportunities awaiting me here in Utah
    My property manager and all he has done for me and my property

Day 10: My journal 13 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The magnificent outcome of my move from Arizona to Utah
  2. My cat coming home so I didn’t have to leave him behind
  3. The gift of health which gives me life
  4. The gift of life to consecrate another day to doing Gods will
  5. The beauty of Utah with its snow capped mountains and all of the green
  6. My sister and her welcoming me to stay with her until my stuff arrives
  7. The enjoyable time with my nieces boa snake last night. It was so cool to hold him and feel how he moves and pet him and feel his unique texture.
  8. The enjoyable time discussing the scriptures with my sister
  9. The book I was able to listen to while driving to Utah: Keepers of the Garden by Dolores cannon. It was so fascinating learning more about the beings from other worlds and considering how the creation of life on Earth evolved.
  10. All of the advise from my energy healing facebook group, they gave some ideas for healing my cold sore virus that I had not heard of before. Body Talk. Naet treatment (for allergy’s usually, but also works on viruses). Lysine, zinc, & essential oils: tea tree, doterras Melissa. Energy healing to release anger.

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Day 9: My journal Friday 7 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me live
  2. The gift of another day of life to do the will of God
  3. The fabulous evening with my kids celebrating Williams 23 bday
  4. The conversation William and I had about his rave parties and he showed a lot of interest in what I was teaching him about releasing trapped emotions as he experiences them
  5. The help I have coming over today to help box up the house
  6. The abundance I have been blessed with that allowed me the ability to pay for dinner for everyone last night
  7. Helping me let go of scarcity and focusing on abundance, thank you for the money that is flowing to me
  8. The magnificent outcome of todays packing
  9. The excitement about becoming an emotion code practitioner and the magnificent outcome
  10. The networking opportunities that will be mine for signing up to volunteer at the Summer Energy Healing conference in Salt Lake City

Day 8: My journal Thursday 6 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life
  2. Being alive today and being able to chose to consecrate my day to Gods will and to the light
  3. The free emotion code webinar I enjoyed.
  4. The gal Alice who was healed from a neck pain during the webinar
  5. The skeptic who wrote the question “how do I know Alice doesn’t just work for the company”. We all doubt, but if we open our eyes with a desire to know truth, we can find it. For example, I found the tv show about Charlie THE HEALER, he is trying to prove energy healing is real and it can be done in a non invasive way. He is trying to change the way doctors do things. You decide. Did Charlie really heal all the people in the tv show? If he can do it, ask yourself, maybe I can do it too? I am an energy healer. I am new at it, but I am learning, and I am having success.
  6. knowing how to let go of any anxiety or fear as it comes up during this moving process. I’ve got this.
  7. The singing bowls vibration which helps me connected with my higher self/inner self/oneness.
  8. The magnificent outcome of my day yesterday
  9. My reliable vehicle that is all ready for the drive to Utah
  10. My creativity. I am letting go of the false belief that I am not an artist. I am an artist, I am creative, great ideas come to me all of the time. Thank you.

Day 7: My Journal 5 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me live
  2. The gift of life to consecrate this day to Gods work of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man
  3. Being given much, and being able to share what I have been given with others
  4. The magnificent day I had yesterday and all the things I accomplished
  5. The scripture st John 14: 12
  6. The reminder that I will need a litter box in the truck to drive to Utah, my cat has been using the back yard exclusively, so I let Kyle take my litter box
  7. The ladies from church that have offered to come help me on Friday to pack boxes
  8. The bishop in Utah calling me back to let me know he will have a crew there next Saturday to help me unload the moving trailer
  9. The opportunity to get together with my kids for Williams birthday dinner tonight
  10. my hot flashes calming down

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Day 6: My journal Tuesday 4 June 2019

23 years ago I was giving birth to my first child. Fond memories as I think back.

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life to be able to type these words
  2. The blessing of being alive and enlightened
  3. The magnificent outcome of my day yesterday, I got a lot done for the move.
  4. The videos i watched last night and the things I learned.
  5. Being able to feel connected to God/oneness when I really make an effort and follow the instructions on how to connect.
  6. The chat I had with my sister this morning. I was bold and let go of fear and told her I feel inspired to blog full time and the Lord will provide. I said a prayer that she wont be burdened with worry, but instead to help her have faith and wish me the best and send positive thoughts.
  7. My reliable vehicle. It was so nice to get into my truck yesterday after its oil change and bath. It is so shiny and clean and looks like new even though its 2002.
  8. Enjoying shopping yesterday for clothes for Williams birthday.
  9. The feeling that I can afford every needful thing and that the Lord will provide
  10. My plant-based journey to enlightenment, I look forward to learning more

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