Karen is the mother of two young adult sons and lives in Mesa, AZ.  She is highly educated in fitness, health, & nutrition with a Master’s Degree in Education.  She is certified to teach secondary PE and health.

Several years ago Karen was having some health issues and was scheduled for surgery.  One of the risks of the surgery was that she might need a poop bag if things went sideways, she wasn’t willing to take that risk.  A few days before the surgery she opted out and canceled the surgery.  She knew her body could heal itself if it was given what it need, so she looked into ways to help her body heal itself.

The first thing to help her on her journey to heal her body was the documentary video Forks Over Knives. She struggled with figuring out how to get rid of meat and dairy from her diet, then she finally ran across one book that solved the issue for her…The Starch Solution by Dr McDougall.  This website is about Karen’s journey and her desire to help others avoid the potholes in the journey to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.