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The smoothie challenge

How are your mornings?  Do you drag out of bed, sluggishly heading toward that first cup of coffee as soon as possible?  Do you feel required to drink coffee or energy drinks at work just to stay awake so you don’t lose your job?  Do you feel guilty because you know your morning eating habits just aren’t very good?  Do you wish you could eat better, but just don’t have the time to make something?…let alone eat it?  Do you wish you had a healthy energy drink?  I have great news for you.  If any of the above questions resonated with you, I challenge you to try my 28 day smoothie challenge.

For the best results,

  • write down your goal and
  • put it somewhere you will see it multiple times a day.
  • take a few notes as to how you feel before the challenge
    • What time of day do you start falling asleep at your job?
    • What time of day do you feel low energy?

If you already know the answer to these questions, go ahead and get started on the challenge.

I challenge you to drink this smoothie every morning of every day for 28 days.  Make sure you take notes as to how you feel before during and after if you quit after the 28 days.

Energy smoothie recipe

This quick smoothie can be made in approximately 7 minutes and in less than 15 minutes total time for making it and clean up. Boost your energy with natural raw plants instead of coffee. I accidentally quit drinking coffee when I committed to drinking a smoothie every morning (nice side effect if you ask me). We add the raw spinach for your source of excellent plant protein.

Place the ingredients into the blender in the following order (this recipe makes two larges shaker bottle servings):

    • 2 medium bananas in first on the bottom (room temperature or refrigerated, BUT NOT FROZEN)
    • 1-3 of your favorite supplements (I use 1 tsp Spirulina, & 1 tsp Amla powder, & 1 tsp Barely Grass Juice Powder or I mix it up) Example:
          • chia
          • dragon fruit powder 

        • spirulina 


  • a handful of raw organic spinach (I like to buy the plastic rectangular container)
  • 2 cups liquid (water or orange juice or coconut water.  I use half coconut water and half orange juice)
  • 2 cups frozen WILD blueberries’

Blend with the smoothie button if you have one.  I use a ” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Vita-mix is a wise choice.  Halve the recipe and it might fit into a Bullet blender.

I usually drink one serving on the way to work and the other serving once I get hungry or low energy, which ever comes first.


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