Day 12: Monday 17 June 2018

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life
  2. The gift of life which gives me the opportunity to chose to consecrate my day to Gods will.
  3. the excellent weather I’ve been able to enjoy since I moved to utah
  4. My sister and her family and all of their help and love
  5. Being able to sleep well the first night in my Utah house
  6. The awesome time hiking up to the waterfall. I really enjoyed all of the critters and scenery and the people.
  7. The breeze on my back deck that makes it so nice to sit and work on this list.
  8. The opportunity to seek out new adventures and ways to earn money.
  9. A roof over my head and a bed to sleep in
  10. This day to enjoy my home and pets

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Whole food Plant-based mom, runner, educator, health coach.

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