Day 10: My journal 13 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The magnificent outcome of my move from Arizona to Utah
  2. My cat coming home so I didn’t have to leave him behind
  3. The gift of health which gives me life
  4. The gift of life to consecrate another day to doing Gods will
  5. The beauty of Utah with its snow capped mountains and all of the green
  6. My sister and her welcoming me to stay with her until my stuff arrives
  7. The enjoyable time with my nieces boa snake last night. It was so cool to hold him and feel how he moves and pet him and feel his unique texture.
  8. The enjoyable time discussing the scriptures with my sister
  9. The book I was able to listen to while driving to Utah: Keepers of the Garden by Dolores cannon. It was so fascinating learning more about the beings from other worlds and considering how the creation of life on Earth evolved.
  10. All of the advise from my energy healing facebook group, they gave some ideas for healing my cold sore virus that I had not heard of before. Body Talk. Naet treatment (for allergy’s usually, but also works on viruses). Lysine, zinc, & essential oils: tea tree, doterras Melissa. Energy healing to release anger.

1 Nephi 12: 19- 1 Nephi 13: 23

Nephi’s vision

  • Lamanonites destroy all the Nephites (native American’s)
  • They dwindle in unbelief and become a dark loathsome people (this happens from pride and willful wickedness)
  • Sees Europe/gentiles (people who are not of Israel and/or those without the gospel).
  • The great and abominable church is not one specific church, it is founded by the devil, and the kingdom of the devil
  • The other church is the the church of God
  • Satans big 3 tools:
    • Materialism
    • Sexual immorality (harlots)
    • Pride
  • Christopher Columbus sailed to the America’s, he was inspired by God to do so
  • The pilgrims left Europe and went to the America’s to have religious freedom
  • The native Americans were scattered by the Gentile’s
  • Small pox killed a lot of native Americans
  • The Bible was brought with gentiles to America (a record of the Jews)
  • This bible is of great worth because of the covenants of the Lord which he made unto the house of Israel, this makes it of great worth to the Gentiles

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