Day 9: My journal Friday 7 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me live
  2. The gift of another day of life to do the will of God
  3. The fabulous evening with my kids celebrating Williams 23 bday
  4. The conversation William and I had about his rave parties and he showed a lot of interest in what I was teaching him about releasing trapped emotions as he experiences them
  5. The help I have coming over today to help box up the house
  6. The abundance I have been blessed with that allowed me the ability to pay for dinner for everyone last night
  7. Helping me let go of scarcity and focusing on abundance, thank you for the money that is flowing to me
  8. The magnificent outcome of todays packing
  9. The excitement about becoming an emotion code practitioner and the magnificent outcome
  10. The networking opportunities that will be mine for signing up to volunteer at the Summer Energy Healing conference in Salt Lake City

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