Day 8: My journal Thursday 6 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life
  2. Being alive today and being able to chose to consecrate my day to Gods will and to the light
  3. The free emotion code webinar I enjoyed.
  4. The gal Alice who was healed from a neck pain during the webinar
  5. The skeptic who wrote the question “how do I know Alice doesn’t just work for the company”. We all doubt, but if we open our eyes with a desire to know truth, we can find it. For example, I found the tv show about Charlie THE HEALER, he is trying to prove energy healing is real and it can be done in a non invasive way. He is trying to change the way doctors do things. You decide. Did Charlie really heal all the people in the tv show? If he can do it, ask yourself, maybe I can do it too? I am an energy healer. I am new at it, but I am learning, and I am having success.
  6. knowing how to let go of any anxiety or fear as it comes up during this moving process. I’ve got this.
  7. The singing bowls vibration which helps me connected with my higher self/inner self/oneness.
  8. The magnificent outcome of my day yesterday
  9. My reliable vehicle that is all ready for the drive to Utah
  10. My creativity. I am letting go of the false belief that I am not an artist. I am an artist, I am creative, great ideas come to me all of the time. Thank you.

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