Day 6: My journal Tuesday 4 June 2019

23 years ago I was giving birth to my first child. Fond memories as I think back.

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life to be able to type these words
  2. The blessing of being alive and enlightened
  3. The magnificent outcome of my day yesterday, I got a lot done for the move.
  4. The videos i watched last night and the things I learned.
  5. Being able to feel connected to God/oneness when I really make an effort and follow the instructions on how to connect.
  6. The chat I had with my sister this morning. I was bold and let go of fear and told her I feel inspired to blog full time and the Lord will provide. I said a prayer that she wont be burdened with worry, but instead to help her have faith and wish me the best and send positive thoughts.
  7. My reliable vehicle. It was so nice to get into my truck yesterday after its oil change and bath. It is so shiny and clean and looks like new even though its 2002.
  8. Enjoying shopping yesterday for clothes for Williams birthday.
  9. The feeling that I can afford every needful thing and that the Lord will provide
  10. My plant-based journey to enlightenment, I look forward to learning more

I love this meditation I found last night from Sri Sri, I used it again today.

  • Breathe in energy
  • Breathe out relaxation


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