Day 5: My Journal Monday 3 June 2019

I said a quick prayer got some clothes on and went outside to breath in love and connect with my heart and God. Got grounded.

I am grateful for…

  1. The gift of health which gives me life
  2. The gift of life to consecrate another day to Gods will and fulfilling my mission
  3. The love I felt first thing this morning breathing fresh and and hearing and seeing the birds in my back yard
  4. The knowledge that getting out of my head and getting into my heart helps me stay aligned with Devine inspiration
  5. The magnificent outcome of my fast yesterday
  6. The joy I get from watching the birds bring food to their babies in their cactus nests
  7. The help of letting go of scarcity and being able to embrace abundance
  8. The knowledge of how to do energy healing for myself and others and how it has improved my health and helped me choose more positive emotions
  9. The hummingbird who lives in my backyard that is not afraid of me and gets really close to me, I get to enjoy the hum of his wings as he gets near
  10. The practice of meditation and how I have been able to make it a regular morning routine. It’s blessed my life by helping me feel Gods love and inspiration

I enjoyed the video of Sister Nelson.


Truth #1:  The truths about love and marriage are brought to you by the Holy Ghost from our Heavenly Father.

Truth #2:  Personal purity is the key to true love.

Truth #3:  The Lord wants a husband and a wife to partake of the wonders and joys of marital intimacy.

Truth #4:  For true marital intimacy, the Holy Ghost needs to be involved.


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