Day 3: My Journal Saturday 1 June 2019

I am grateful for…

  1. the gift of health which gives me life
  2. being alive today to be able to consecrate another day to Gods will
  3. the opportunity to join in the global meditation today with 1 Million Mediators to give love to mother earth.  I could feel in my heart the love.
  4. the opportunity to do my first hypnosis session later today and look forward to a magnificent outcome
  5. the many people who are taking time today to meditate for the earth and the positive changes it will have on the earth
  6. mother earth and for all she does for me…abundant crops, beautiful beaches, enjoyable vacations, amazing sunsets …
  7. being able to enjoy living water that is helping my body evolve
  8. the living water for my pets and how it has blessed their health
  9. my friends bringing me tomatoes yesterday, they were delicious
  10. this amazing time of change for me to move back to my home in Utah and for the exciting possibilities the future holds

(If you would like to start this practice of writing a list of 10 things you are grateful for everyday, I would like to suggest:  after you complete your list, re-read each item and say “thank you” to God/Universe/the Great Spirit/the Source)

Read 1Nephi 11

  • Because Nephi had a desire to see what his father had seen
    • Believing that the Lord was able to make them known to him
    • He sat pondering in his heart
    • He was caught away in the Spirit of the Lord

The Spirit then asked him what he desired, and he said he wanted to see the things his father saw.

  • We can all use this prescription to get answers from God/the Universe/the Spirit/the Source
    He saw the tree of life (the love of God the Father), and learned it is most desirable above all things

    • If the love of God is the most desirable of all things, then it should be our first and most important priority to seek to feel HIS love

    He asked to know the interpretation

    The Spirit of the Lord (Holy Ghost) was in the form of a man
    He saw the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus
    Christ will condescend (He will come from a higher level to our lower level of understanding to provide salvation to us)
    He saw Jesus’ ministry
    He saw the iron rod (the word of God)
    He saw John the Baptist baptize Jesus
    He saw the Holy Ghost come from heaven and abide with Jesus
    He saw the people reject Christ
    He saw Jesus heal people and cast out devils and unclean spirits
    He sees Jesus being crucified and slain for the sins of the world
    Large and spacious building =the world and the wisdom of the world, the pride of the world
    He sees the Large and spacious building fall. The Spirit explains that this shall be the destruction of all nations, kindreds, tongues and people that shall fight against the 12 apostles of the lamb (Jesus)

  • This afternoon I had the opportunity to go to my first hypnosis session. I found the practitioner through Delores Cannons website. It was an amazing experience. A friend of mine was so excited to hear how it went that she asked me to call her after the session. I was able to call her and excitedly tell her all about it. I will be making a more detailed post about the experience.
    • I was able to release some trapped emotions from a traumatic childhood experience. When I was in 4th grade my step father had come home drunk and so my my decided to put the four of us kids in the car and leave while he sobered up. He didn’t like that plan and got the keys away from her so she couldn’t leave. He ended up coming out with a handgun threatening to shoot, probably my mom. We ended up being able to drive away without incident. I was able to release this negative experience, to forgive him and to give it to Father/God.
    • When she moved me with the cloud, I ended up at my old girlfriends house and she was pouring out her heart to me about how her father had sexually abused her, her entire childhood. I was also able to release the trapped emotions from this experience.
    • The most amazing part of the session was getting to feel the presence of Heavenly Mother, Father and Jesus. My heart was vibrating very powerfully. I could literally feel their love for me in my heart. It brought me to tears.
    • After the session my practitioner commented on how amazing the session was. She thanked me for allowing her to enjoy that experience with me. She said that Their presence was felt in the room very powerfully for her as well, that she did NOT get that powerful energy very often. She mentioned how Their energy literally warmed the room.
  • Watched a movie on Gaia. The Power of the Heart. This movie just reassured me that everything from my hypnosis session was real. God loves me and all of us, and we need to trust the hearts instructions. The power of Love is real. The Negative emotions put us in our own living hell.
  • I went on a 2 mile walk. I consecrated my walking time to listening to my heart. I listened to Tibetan singing bowls while walking. I noticed on this walk that I just didn’t have much energy, I felt literally drained of energy compared to the last several evening walks. While feeling drained the idea came to my heart that being in Mother, Father, and Jesus presence is very draining for the mortal body. I remember the story about Joseph Smith passing-out in the field as a young man after heavenly visitors taught him.
  • I took time during my walk to give thanks for the day and to ask Heavenly Father to send his angels, and to please bless Mother Earth and all the creatures and the water that it be changed to living water. I was just reminded that I need to recognize negative emotions and quickly learn to let them go and choose a positive emotion. Oh and I need to play more, and enjoy the world and Mother Nature more.
  • I remembered its fast Sunday tomorrow. I already fasted today, so not sure if I will fast tomorrow?
  • I enjoyed sharing my hypnosis experience with my friend and talking about chakras

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