Day 1: My journal 30 May 2019

  • During my meditations/prayers I have been prompted to write my journal here for the public, instead of in my paper journal. I take comfort in the advise to FEAR NOT. Fear is an emotion sent to me from the adversary/Satan/the dark side. Please understand I am being very vulnerable here and ask for you to prayerfully consider my words.
  • Prayed
  • Read scriptures: The Book of Mormon Made Easier, 1Nephi 8. In this section Lehi shares his dream/vision about the Tree of Life.
    • Hold to the rod, the iron rod is the word of God (the scriptures)
    • Don’t be like the people in the spacious building, they give peer pressure (negative emotions) to those feasting on the fruit of the tree of life, and temp them away from God into darkness.
    • The white (purity) fruit of the tree of life will make you happy and fill you with joy (the love of God and the joy the gospel brings to people). The tree is our Savior Jesus Christ (he is LOVE) and his plan/path to exaltation (be resurrected and gain an immortal body, and be a God).
  • When I step back from this vision and try to see it from an eternal perspective, I see how it applies to me and everyone on this Earth. First, remember that before we were born, we were and always will be a Supreme Intelligent Being of Light/Energy (your spirit body). I chose to come to Earth with the gift of Free Will (agency) and the Veil of Forgetfulness to get a body of flesh and learn lessons. My mission on this Earth is to see if I will learn the most important lesson of this mortal life. The most important lesson is: will I partake of the fruit of the tree of life (the LOVE OF GOD) and to try to get as many others to partake of it with me, which leads us to exaltation. I may not remember my pre-earth life because of the veil, but God has a plan for us to return to him after we learn the lessons we agreed to try to learn while in this body. His plan included sending Jesus to be our example. If you have a body, that means you chose Jesus plan of Free Will.
  • Satans plan was to take away our agency/free will (be in slavery), so him and his followers (1/3 of the hosts of heaven) were not allowed to get a body. Now satan and his followers (they are in the unseen/spirits) are trying to get as many souls as possible to be miserable like them. They send negative emotions to us and hang out in spacious buildings laughing at us for choosing the fruit of the tree of life. Satan and his followers do not have the veil of forgetfulness, so they use that against us. Please try to recognize that things of God bring joy, things of Satan bring misery. Change from feeling miserable by choosing things of God. Repent means change your mind. Change and choose good feelings and emotions. Chose happiness and exaltation.
  • There is still a war waging for the souls of men. We are here on earth to learn how to be a good child of God, so we will be good adult Gods and be exalted. Have you chosen a side? As for me, I chose the Lord and the light. Now is the time to choose which side you are on. Time is running out. If you are not actively engaged in partaking of the fruit of the tree of life (Gods love) and sharing it with others, then you are choosing satans side and darkness, which is captivity and spiritual death. We need to choose to follow Jesus example, to chose God and eternal life, even exaltation.


  • Had an appointment 7pm
  • Watched funny pet videos. Good vibes!  It was nice to watch these videos of people and their pets with good clean fun and laughter.
  • I just got through watching a video by Julia Cannon about the Earth Shift and that the shift already happened. That I need to choose if I want to live in the old drama, heavy earth or the new lighter happier earth.
  • Then right after that video I saw 11:11 on the clock. So I ended up finding this blog about what that angel number means.
    • She suggested its a synchronicity about what I was just thinking about right before  saw 11:11. I was thinking how I have been enjoying the new earth, especially since I quit my job.
  • I will give up all of my sins to know Thee.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1: My journal 30 May 2019

  1. So thankful to you for your courage and vulnerability to share your beliefs and study material openly. I don’t have that exact version of the Book of Mormon, so I am going to compare yours to mine and post what it says (curious if it will be the same).

  2. Getting back to my earlier comment. I checked my Book of Mormon and ended up reading all of first Nephi chapter 1. I am grateful to have read your post today, to inspire me to open it up.

    I also stumbled upon some other writing today which I found amusing. You know how some criticize the Joseph Smith Jr for adding or removing books from the Bible in his translation? Or worse, they think the Book of Mormon was replacing the Bible? Well, come to find out that when the Protestant Reformation occurred, one man *Martin Luther* removed 7 books from the Holy Bible! And I never knew that. ❤️

    1. Thank you for your comments and your kind words. Sadly a lot has been removed from the Bible, especially lots of women’s stories.

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