soaked black beans in a colander

Cooking sprouted beans to reduce flatulence

I know beans are good for me, but they don’t like me.

Are you sick of getting bloated, gassy, and flatulent every time you eat beans?

I know I am not the only bean eater who farts.  Want to reduce your flatulence?  It’s scientifically proven that eating beans causes gas.  Check out this article from on beans and gas. Not only can that gas be uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing. Are you afraid to eat beans because you know you have an important meeting, appointment, or job interview later? Have you ever completely stopped eating beans for a period of time over the hassle? I have. I am ready to give eating beans a try again, but only sprouted, then cooked beans.

Let’s try an experiment

I recently read that I can reduce the gas created while eating beans by adding one simple step to cooking my beans…just sprout them first. Soak the beans overnight as usual, but instead of cooking the beans the next day, rinse them and set them aside in a colander to sprout (I like to cover them with a towel). Rinse the beans twice a day until you see a small stub of a sprout tail. Then cook them soon before the sprout gets too long. I have step by step photos and videos below.

Cooking sprouted beans

Cooking sprouted beans will save your gut some discomfort. Once a bean starts the sprouting process, the chemistry of the bean changes and eliminates much of the problem causing chemicals which cause us gas (less gas and farts, yay).  Check out this Wikipedia link about Sprouting if you need more information.  Make it even easier on yourself by using an Instant Pot to pressure cook your beans, and it will be easy to have an exceptionally healthy staple on hand at all times.

One cup of black beans
Soak on or two cups of black beans overnight
Soaked black beans rinsed in a colander
After soaking your beans overnight, rinse them in a colander. Rinse them at least two times a day until they start to sprout.

I am enjoying the reduced flatulence since switching to eating sprouted beans, best of luck to you.  Let me know how it goes for you and feel free to try some of my other recipes.



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