Your garden begins by planting a seed in the dirt today

Mesa, AZ here is your list of what to plant in your garden for the next two weeks

Start your garden today by sticking a seed in the ground and you will be able to enjoy your harvest before you know it.  If you eat a lot of potatoes, stick those sprouting spuds in the ground and they will multiply.  Remember it can be as easy as buying a bag of soil at the store next time you are buying groceries.  You can do this, plant something today.


We all have our excuses of why we haven’t planted any seeds yet…

  • I don’t have a place to plant anything
  • I don’t have time
  • It’s too expensive

I have heard them all.  You can do this.  Start with one seed and remember how much fun it is to watch the plant puncture through the soil and take root.  It is such a joy to watch the plant grow and change and produce edible prizes.  Stick a seed in the ground today and enjoy the adventure.

what seeds to plant in AZ for June What to plant in the Mesa, AZ area from mid June through the end of June

According to the Old Farmers Almanac:

If you live near Mesa, Arizona, or near a similar climate area, here is a list of what is OK to plant over the next two weeks (mid June through the end of June).  Try sticking a seed in the ground today and enjoy the journey.

My Gardens progress

My garden 18June2018
18 June 2018


I have recently been enjoying helping the vines climb across the arches, what a treat.  The zucchini harvest is coming along slowly, I have only harvested two so far.  I planted some pole beans along the fencing, so it will be fun to watch those climb the fence soon.  The beans have sprouted and they are thriving.


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