soaked black beans in a colander

Cooking sprouted beans to reduce flatulence

I know beans are good for me, but they don’t like me.

Are you sick of getting bloated, gassy, and flatulent every time you eat beans?

I know I am not the only bean eater who farts.  Want to reduce your flatulence?  It’s scientifically proven that eating beans causes gas.  Check out this article from on beans and gas. Not only can that gas be uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing. Are you afraid to eat beans because you know you have an important meeting, appointment, or job interview later? Have you ever completely stopped eating beans for a period of time over the hassle? I have. I am ready to give eating beans a try again, but only sprouted, then cooked beans. Continue reading “Cooking sprouted beans to reduce flatulence”


Your garden begins by planting a seed in the dirt today

Mesa, AZ here is your list of what to plant in your garden for the next two weeks

Start your garden today by sticking a seed in the ground and you will be able to enjoy your harvest before you know it.  If you eat a lot of potatoes, stick those sprouting spuds in the ground and they will multiply.  Remember it can be as easy as buying a bag of soil at the store next time you are buying groceries.  You can do this, plant something today.

Continue reading “Your garden begins by planting a seed in the dirt today”