To meditate or not to meditate

I just finished my 15th guided meditation with the Headspace app.  It was a quick ten to fifteen minutes with a guy with a sexy accent.  I first heard about the app from a No Meat Athlete podcast.  It has been difficult for me to make meditation a daily habit, but I finally made it past two weeks in a row, so now its a habit, right?  I hope so.  Things in my life seem to be rolling along pretty smoothly over the last two weeks.  Just ask my family and I am sure they will tell you somethings different.  At the bottom I have included a promo code for a free month of Headspace, why not try it out for yourself?

Andy started the company Headspace.  He was a monk, it is an interesting story.  It is an app for guided meditation and mindfulness techniques.  From the description of the app:  Meditation made simple.  Guided meditation is suitable for all levels from Headspace.  Meditation can help improve your focus, exercise mindful awareness, relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

The app touts the following benefits of meditation:

  • Increased self-awareness and greater sense of perspective
  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Smile more
  • Enjoy better relationships with your family/partner/spouse
  • Love, eat, sleep and train better
  • Be more present and become a better listener
  • Experience peace of mind and greater mind-body connection
  • Improved focus at work or while studying
  • Research shows that regular meditation can have a physical effect on the brain, causing those areas associated with learning to grow and the parts which generate stress responses to shrink.
  • Mindfulness practice leads to increase in regional brain gray matter density.

There is a buddy system with the app so you can motivate each other to meditate.  If any of you want to try the app and be my buddy, I would love to have others to help motivate me, and I motivate you to keep up the beneficial practice.  My email address is

Below are some screen shots of the app.

One FREE Month of Headspace promo code:  REW15-SD4A42

**I am not an affiliate nor do I have any association with Headspace


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